Pre Delivery Inspection

A D Young always offer Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) on the Designjet range HP printers, so you don’t have to worry about the installation at all.

Have you ever experienced the joys of “Box Shifters” that simply arrange delivery to you without understanding the consequences of a very large box arriving at your office? It then sits there until an engineer arrives a few days later. Or even worse; your colleagues have to struggle with it themselves. It then either doesn’t work or you can’t get it to print, wasting hours in the process.

Our PDI service is designed to help both parties. When we pre-configure the printers before they are delivered, you can have a “plug in and print experience”, thus keeping your downtime to an absolute minimum.

As well as pre-configuring the printers the PDI service ensures that there isn’t any packaging to be disposed of by you. We re-cycle all packaging at our Warehouse. Full installation and training is offered on all of the HP Designjet range that we sell. This is carried out by one of our fully trained HP engineers who cover the whole of the UK.

This pre-configuration at our workshop means it should take us less than an hour after delivery to install and show you how to get the best from your new printer. The time saving then continues as most of the new Designjet models print approximately 5 x faster than the older machines.