New HP Latex 300 Additions

A D young Ltd will be pleased to announce that they will able to sell and support the New HP Latex models l315 hp latex printer, l335 HP Latex printer and the l365 latex printer that have just been launched.

54 and 64-inch models round out entry-level offerings.

HP has added the HP Latex 315, 335, and 365 printers to its entry-level 300 series. Applications include self-adhesive vinyl, backlit graphics, wallcoverings, and more. The trio images up to 334 sq ft/hr at up to 64 in. wide; max. resolution is 1200 dpi. The company’s Optical Media Advance Sensor is included across the series. Each model also offers 7 colors: CMYKcm and the company’s Latex Optimizer.

The 335 and 365 include a media take-up reel (optional on the 315 model). The 365 model includes HP Custom Substrate Profiling and an i1 embedded spectrophotometer, while the 315 and 335 models offer HP Quick Substrate Profiling and the FlexiPrint HP Edition RIP. Additional features include online training tools and an automatic x-axis cutter.

SAI Flexi gains certification for newest HP Latex 300 series printers

sai-flexi-hp-latex-seriesSoftware company SA International (SAI) has had its Flexi wide-format printing and signmaking software certified by HP for use with the latest additions to its Latex 300 Printer series. Both SAI Flexi and the various SAI FlexiPrint HP Latex editions are certified on all four new additions to the series, the HP Latex 315, 335, 365 and 375 models, which were launched in September. The software has also recently been certified for the printers in HP’s Latex 500 series portfolio. SAI said the certification provides maximum control for users over output speed, ensures high quality and supports accelerated time-to-market and reduced production costs. Benefits of the latest editions of the software include better support for printing simultaneously to multiple devices. “It helps users get the most out of the machine and ensure that everything works smoothly,” said EMEA technical marketing manager Jurgen Verhulst.
FlexiPrint HP Basic Edition comes in the box as standard with the HP Latex 315 and 335 printers and is available as an option with the 365 and 375 models. This edition features basic functions required to start producing wide-format print including tiling, nesting, job preparation, rescaling and rotating. HP has also upgraded the firmware for its exiting Latex 300 series and 500 series printers. To support the new firmware, SAi has released a new matching software build, FlexiPrint 12 Build #2402, which includes HP certified drivers in FlexiPrint HP Basic, Premium and Sign-Pro editions.
All new orders of FlexiPrint 12 Basic, Premium and Sign-Pro editions will include the newest HP Latex drivers and upgraded features. Current users with existing builds of FlexiPrint 12 HP Edition will be able to upgrade to the latest version for free. “The Premium HP edition adds print and cut with any cutter available on the market – both roll-to-roll and flatbed – while the full Flexi Sign-Pro HP edition adds colour profiling, full design and direct final cutting,” said Verhulst.
Users of the Latex 315 and 335 printers can upgrade from the FlexiPrint HP Basic Edition to the Premium Edition for £695 or the Sign-Pro Edition for £1,390. Latex 365 and 375 users can buy the licence for the Premium Edition for £995 or the Sign-Pro Edition for £2,095.

Onyx, Wasatch and Caldera RIP’s are also available from A D Young Ltd